Smooto Tomato Bulgaria Yogurt Whitening Body Lotion


This body lotion consists of 99% tomato juice along with bulgaria yogurt that helps nurture the skin, brighten and reduce the appearance of dark spots or any discoloration. It is formulated for any skin types.

Tomato: brightens the skin making it look radiance and healthy
Bulgaria yogurt: moistures the skin
Snail secretion: rejuvenates the skin and reduces pore size

Cara pakai: gunakan pada tubuh sebelum terpapar sinar matahari atau sesuai kebutuhan.



Body lotion with 99% tomato juice
● Brightens the skin
● Makes the skin feel soft and smooth

5 benefits
● Daily body moisturizer
● Sun protection
● Hands and nails moisturizer
● Smoothens the skin
● Reduces dark spots and discoloration

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