Smooto Lemon-C Snail Body Lotion


The lemon body lotion from Hokkaido is rich with many natural extracts such as vitamin C, mint, snail secretion to help brighten the skin, reduce pore size and prevent acne. Works great on all skin types.

● Lemon: natural AHA helps brighten the skin
● Vitamin C: reduces the appearance of dark spots and discoloration
● BHA: prevents acne and breakouts
● Mint: prevents the skin from free radicals
● Snail secretion: rejuvenates the skin and reduces pore size

Cara pakai: gunakan pada tubuh sebelum terpapar sinar matahari atau sesuai kebutuhan.



Lemon body lotion with SPF 40
● Tightens the skin
● Smooths the skin
● Reduces breakouts

6 usages:
● Daily moisturizer
● Sun screen
● Keeps hands and nails moisturized
● Reduces the appearance of dark spots and discoloration
● Prevents cellulites
● Reduces acne and breakouts

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